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Pet Transport service or Pet Taxi in Amsterdam or Pet Taxi from Amsterdam

Book Your Pet Taxi in Amsterdam

Are you arriving in Amsterdam? A Pet taxi from Amsterdam to the UK is easier than you think. We are focused on making travelling with your pet a most pleasurable experience. When you book with us your stress finishes the moment we meet you. Pet transport Amsterdam to the UK is straight forward and we look after everything for you.


Cert No: 33107309


EU Cert No: IE/0221

Pet Taxi from Amsterdam to UK

Given transport for a pet into the UK is either impossible or too expensive. Using ground transport such as a pet taxi from Amsterdam to the UK makes sense. Many of our clients have flown into Schiphol Airport using airlines such as KLM, Turkish Airlines and Delta with a connecting flight. It takes around 4.5 hours to get to Calais pet reception where we take care of it all for you. It is easier than you think and if you have already entered the EU your checks at pet check-in are a formality. We are experienced in dealing with any certification errors.

Pet Taxi from UK to Amsterdam

Pet Taxi from the UK to Amsterdam price varies on where you want to go in the Amsterdam.

Are you considering travelling with your pets? Pet transport from the UK to Amsterdam can be arranged including the Eurotunnel and a full door-to-door service. Want it to be done safely? Exec Pets provides the right pet taxi service for you to experience very reliable transportation of your pets from the UK to Amsterdam. You may be travelling with your dog from Amsterdam with an onward trip to the UK, whatever the journey we make it stress-free.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Exercise & Nutrition en route

Pet & Owner Transport Services UK & Europe Defra Approved

Dedicated Drivers

Exec Pets: Travelling with Your Pet from Amsterdam to the UK

At Exec Pets, our taxi service differs from normal taxi from Amsterdam to the UK. This is because our drivers have experience and are fully trained for handling animals while also being insured in the EU. 


We ensure you will receive your pets just after your luggage arrives at the oversized baggage area when you have whatsapped or called our driver. We manage all the customs or interact with the immigration officer to get your animal health certificate or passport stamped when you transit through the arrivals Hall. To transport a pet from Amsterdam to the UK takes a little longer that Paris as it it is around 4.5 hours to Calais. In addition Schiphol Airport isn’t the fastest airport as it takes longer to get your luggage and be processed.


Our driver waits for you and assists with the luggage and pets to the car park which is a short walk away. You can leave everything in our hands such as  the Euro Tunnel, pet registration, and payment. Our driver usually provides breakfast with fresh French bread, cheese and ham, croissant, and pan du chocolate.

Our Pet and Owner Taxi Transportation Services Amsterdam to the UK


IATA Pet Approved Crates

We provide IATA approved road transportation crates. Our crates reduce the risk of harm and ensure your pet’s safety during the transit.


Road Transport Services

We transport your pets by road. Our experienced professionals are licensed and fully insured. We know the borders, the Health certificates, the Pet passport. The regulations, the pitfalls and what can go wrong as we have experience.


Pet and Owner Transport

We make it possible for you as a pet owner to travel with your pets using ground transportation. Our professionals handle your pets for a stress-free journey. Each Driver has spent 2 years studying advanced levels of canine care and Nutrition.

What Sets Us Apart for Pet Transport Services in Amsterdam?

We at Exec Pets ensure your pet's safety during the whole journey through our luxurious taxis that are fully equipped with climate control, air purification, and GPS tracking. Our goal is to make them feel comfortable, and we also give them a break during their long travel. We also specialise in providing proper care and attention to each pet.


Recently Delivered Pets

What Our Happy Clients Say

Repatriation after 16 years.
After 16 years living & working overseas, we recently repatriated from Hong Kong to Somerset, 
Wow, what can we say about Darren,  apart from running a great legitimate & fully licensed business, with all requisite knowledge of the trade & border formalities, Darren showed absolute care & consideration not only to his paying customers, but also our furry friends. Nothing short of SUPERB, 10/10.  It’s not easy moving 10,000km, but this leg of the journey, whilst long, was utterly seamless & ultimately stress-free.

Iain Brymer, HK


Great Service

"We live in Oman and from a rescue organisation we brought 2 dogs (rescues) and a cat back with us to the Netherlands. Darren and his wife met us at the arrival hall and drove them to their forever homes in the UK. The communication went smoothly and we all received updates on their well-being.  It was a pleasant experience for all! Can highly recommend the service.”

Maggie, NL


An absolute trooper

Sunderland to Plymouth

Great price, very competitive. Our cats arrived totally chilled, didn't seem bothered about the journey at all. Darren was also very understanding and easy to deal with.  It all went really smoothly and he didn't even need to take us up on the offer of a cup of tea when he arrived!  Also, I'm pretty certain that if anyone tried to nab the cats, it wouldn't have gone well for them! 

Rob, GB

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