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Best-in-class Pet Transport Services in Luxembourg

Looking for dependable and efficient pet transport services in Luxembourg? Look no further than Exec Pets! We're the premier provider of superior pet and owner transport services in Luxembourg. We make the process of transporting your beloved pets to Luxembourg in simple and stress-free way. Choose us for a pet relocation journey that your furry friends will thoroughly enjoy in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries like Belgium, France & Germany!


Cert No: 33107309


EU Cert No: IE/0221

Pet Transport Services in Luxembourg

At Exec Pets in Luxembourg, our team involves passionate animal enthusiasts committed to providing the utmost care to your four-legged family members throughout their travel. We understand the trust you place in us when you entrust your cherished pet to our care. That's why we offer our premium pet transport services in Luxembourg, spanning from the beautiful green spaces of Petrusse Park to the dog-friendly trails of the Mullerthal region. Our reach extends across this enchanting country, covering its vibrant cities and serene rural areas. Whether your final destination is a bustling urban centre like country of Luxembourg or a quiet village in the Ardennes, we aim to ensure your pet's journey is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Pet Transport Services Across the EU

When relocating your treasured pet across the EU, selecting the right cats and dog transport service is crucial. That's where Exec Pets experts come into the picture! Our proficient drivers are adept in pet transits through diverse landscapes of EU countries. We cover it all, from the canals of Venice to the awe-inspiring Eiffel Tower in Paris, covering every country in the European Union. Our services are not confined to national borders - rather, it extends throughout the entire EU. We guarantee your pets enjoy constant comfort throughout the commute. Our advanced GPS tracking system allows you to travel virtually with your furry companion. This assures you about the sense of well-being of your pet as they navigate across Europe and the EU countries.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Exercise & Nutrition en route

Pet & Owner Transport Services UK & Europe Defra Approved

Dedicated Drivers

Exclusive Pet Transport Services in Luxembourg with Pawsome Chauffeurs

At Exec Pets, our unmatched blend of pet mobility solutions spans the length and breadth of the diverse European terrain, ensuring your beloved pets experience a seamless and comfortable journey. Our services are not confined to pet transport alone. We have highly proficient Exec Pets chauffeurs; they’re Ex Forces drivers and licensed professionals empowered to function across the European Union. Our driver's expertise extends to navigating the maze of customs procedures and coordinating efficiently with immigration officials to fast-track your pet's health document processing.


As your pet arrives at its destination, our dedicated chauffeurs are on hand to assist you with your luggage and pet. Every Exec Pets Mercedes is designed with your pet's comfort in mind, featuring climate-controlled interiors and cosy spaces for your pet to relax. And, to keep you connected with your pet, we offer live CCTV access for real-time updates throughout the journey.


At Exec Pets, we ensure every detail is taken care of, from parking to pet registration and payments. Our pet transport services allow you to unwind and enjoy the trip as we handle the logistics. Whether your pets are marvelling at the grandeur of the Bourscheid Castle or taking in the sights of the bustling Place Guillaume II in Luxembourg City, they'll be doing so in the luxurious comfort of our pet taxi service. For top-tier pet transport services, consider Exec Pets as your first choice. Our pet transport service has been meticulously designed to provide your pets with the utmost comfort and safety, no matter their destination.

Our Pet and Owner Transportation Services in Luxembourg


IATA Pet Approved Crates

We offer pet transport crates approved by the (IATA), guaranteeing a safe and comfortable road transport journey for your pet. Exec Pets offers a more economical method of pet transportation, so your pet will not have to travel in the hold or as checked luggage.


Road Transport Services

We assure the secure and cosy transit of your pets to their intended destination by road. Our squad is not only certified and insured, but they also bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to the table. This ensures that our service remains top-tier at all times.


Pet and Owner Transport

We offer the added convenience for pet owners to travel alongside their beloved pets during ground transportation. Bid farewell to cargo hold worries as you can now travel alongside your furry family members, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout the trip.

What Sets Us Apart for Pet Transport Services in Luxembourg?

We offer personalised care and attention with the aim of providing a peaceful and enjoyable journey for your furry friends. Our climate control vehicles are equipped with air purification, GPS tracking, and CCTV access offering them a secure and comfortable travel environment. You can count on us to go above and beyond for your pets' travel comfort.


Recently Delivered Pets

What Our Happy Clients Say

Repatriation after 16 years.
After 16 years living & working overseas, we recently repatriated from Hong Kong to Somerset, 
Wow, what can we say about Darren,  apart from running a great legitimate & fully licensed business, with all requisite knowledge of the trade & border formalities, Darren showed absolute care & consideration not only to his paying customers, but also our furry friends. Nothing short of SUPERB, 10/10.  It’s not easy moving 10,000km, but this leg of the journey, whilst long, was utterly seamless & ultimately stress-free.

Iain Brymer, HK


Great Service

"We live in Oman and from a rescue organisation we brought 2 dogs (rescues) and a cat back with us to the Netherlands. Darren and his wife met us at the arrival hall and drove them to their forever homes in the UK. The communication went smoothly and we all received updates on their well-being.  It was a pleasant experience for all! Can highly recommend the service.”

Maggie, NL


An absolute trooper

Sunderland to Plymouth

Great price, very competitive. Our cats arrived totally chilled, didn't seem bothered about the journey at all. Darren was also very understanding and easy to deal with.  It all went really smoothly and he didn't even need to take us up on the offer of a cup of tea when he arrived!  Also, I'm pretty certain that if anyone tried to nab the cats, it wouldn't have gone well for them! 

Rob, GB

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