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Interstate Pet and Animal Transport via Road Network

At Execpets, we provide Pet Transport and Animal transport Services across the UK, and Europe via road network. We understand that when it comes to transporting your pet to a different location, it's essential to have confidence and trust in the service. 

Our reliable and trusted pet transport  via road service ensures that your pet's relocation is easy, stress-free, and safe. We believe in offering luxury transport for your furry friend and personalized services based on your needs. As animal lovers ourselves, we know that your pet deserves the best possible care during transportation when traveling on road. Ensure hassle-free animal transport by road with our professionals.

Why Choose ExecPets for Pet Road Transport?

ExecPets has a fleet of pet-friendly luxury vehicles, specially designed to transport pets. The vehicles are equipped with comfortable bedding, climate control, and adequate space to ensure that your pet is safe, comfortable, and stress-free during the journey. We ensure that pets have enough room to move around, and the vehicles are well ventilated to keep them cool and relaxed

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Repatriation after 16 years.
After 16 years living & working overseas, we recently repatriated from Hong Kong to Somerset, 
Wow, what can we say about Darren,  apart from running a great legitimate & fully licensed business, with all requisite knowledge of the trade & border formalities, Darren showed absolute care & consideration not only to his paying customers, but also our furry friends. Nothing short of SUPERB, 10/10.  It’s not easy moving 10,000km, but this leg of the journey, whilst long, was utterly seamless & ultimately stress-free.

Iain Brymer, HK


Great Service

"We live in Oman and from a rescue organisation we brought 2 dogs (rescues) and a cat back with us to the Netherlands. Darren and his wife met us at the arrival hall and drove them to their forever homes in the UK. The communication went smoothly and we all received updates on their well-being.  It was a pleasant experience for all! Can highly recommend the service.”

Maggie, NL


An absolute trooper

Sunderland to Plymouth

Great price, very competitive. Our cats arrived totally chilled, didn't seem bothered about the journey at all. Darren was also very understanding and easy to deal with.  It all went really smoothly and he didn't even need to take us up on the offer of a cup of tea when he arrived!  Also, I'm pretty certain that if anyone tried to nab the cats, it wouldn't have gone well for them! 

Rob, GB

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