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Save Yourself from Cheap Pet Transport Malpractices

Illegal & cheap pet transport service refers to the illegal movement of pets from one place to another, often for the purpose of sale. This illegal activity can have serious consequences for both the pets involved and the people transporting them.


Animal welfare concerns: Pets transported illegally are often kept in inhumane conditions without adequate food, water, or veterinary care. This can result in serious health problems, injury, and even death.


Spread of disease: Pets transported illegally may be carriers of diseases that can spread to other animals and even humans. This can lead to outbreaks of diseases that are difficult to control.


Illegal trade: Cheap pet transportation services and activities are often associated with unlawful pet shipping and pet exporting, which can include the trade in endangered species and other protected species.

Financial loss: People who purchase pets that have been transported illegally often face financial losses as they may have to pay for veterinary care and other expenses associated with caring for a pet in poor health.


Legal consequences: In addition to the potential animal welfare and financial consequences, people who engage in cheap pet transport services are classed by Defra as a commercial movement! The animal needs a completely different health certificate import and export papers, and VAT is payable on the purchase. Of course, you can’t risk it. Defra has little funding to deal with this massive problem that pops up every so often. So it's a game of Russian Roulette. Do you do it properly, or run the risk of having your new fur baby seized and impounded?

To help prevent cheap ground pet transportation cases, it is important to only purchase pets from reputable breeders and pet stores. Suppose you suspect that a pet has been transported illegally. In that case, you should report it to the appropriate authorities, such as DEFRA / APHA/ or the local animal control or the police, or you can also face serious legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment

AA cheap pet transport will always say you only need a health certificate when transporting a puppy from another country to the UK. This shows that they are operating illegally, and there are many of them, some of which seem quite reputable. The truth is this is corrupt and illegal. A purchase of any pet is considered a commercial movement, and therefore, the puppy or pet needs commercial paper, import certificate, export certificate, and VAT needs to be paid on the animal. It is quite shocking how many transporters flout the law.

Alas DEFRA/APHA are unable to police this due to funding however, they do surface occasionally and enforce the regulations quite often, seizing the pet or refusing its entry into the UK. So cheap can be very, very expensive. Please call us if you want impartial advice on 0777 2277222 or click the link to our advice page here..                         #Execpets#Petandownertransport



  1. Check feedback and reviews.

  2. Check they have a reputable website with an address and, ideally, a landline.

  3. Don't be persuaded to give money upfront to PayPal.

  4. If Travelling from Paris, ask to see Defra and EU licences. Also, Insurance, as many Folkestone Taxi companies operate without them.

  5. Check if they have some sort of formal training.

  6. DO NOT be frightened to ask if they cannot help you walk away.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Repatriation after 16 years.
After 16 years living & working overseas, we recently repatriated from Hong Kong to Somerset, 
Wow, what can we say about Darren,  apart from running a great legitimate & fully licensed business, with all requisite knowledge of the trade & border formalities, Darren showed absolute care & consideration not only to his paying customers, but also our furry friends. Nothing short of SUPERB, 10/10.  It’s not easy moving 10,000km, but this leg of the journey, whilst long, was utterly seamless & ultimately stress-free.

Iain Brymer, HK


Great Service

"We live in Oman and from a rescue organisation we brought 2 dogs (rescues) and a cat back with us to the Netherlands. Darren and his wife met us at the arrival hall and drove them to their forever homes in the UK. The communication went smoothly and we all received updates on their well-being.  It was a pleasant experience for all! Can highly recommend the service.”

Maggie, NL


An absolute trooper

Sunderland to Plymouth

Great price, very competitive. Our cats arrived totally chilled, didn't seem bothered about the journey at all. Darren was also very understanding and easy to deal with.  It all went really smoothly and he didn't even need to take us up on the offer of a cup of tea when he arrived!  Also, I'm pretty certain that if anyone tried to nab the cats, it wouldn't have gone well for them! 

Rob, GB

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