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Your Pet's Personal Chauffeur: Pet Taxi in London

Embarking on a journey with your furry companion is quite a challenge. Whether you're jet-setting to London or eagerly awaiting your pet's arrival from afar, you need pet transport services you can count on. That's where we come in - we turn your pet's journey into an adventure, keeping them safe and secure every step of the way so that you can focus on the journey ahead. Booking with us means seamless pet transport from London to across the UK., where we handle everything so you don't have to.


Cert No: 33107309


EU Cert No: IE/0221

Pet Transport Services in London

Welcome to a new era of pet transportation, where every journey becomes a pawsome adventure! Experience the pinnacle of pet transportation with us at Exec Pets. We are the leading provider of pet transport services in London. At Exec Pets, we believe that your pets are entitled to nothing but the finest comfort during their travels. Our drivers know the best routes in London, from Nature Reserve to the famous London Clock Towers. Whether your pet's destination is the esteemed 'London Veterinary Hospital' or the renowned 'State London Veterinary Clinic', rest easy knowing your cherished companions are cradled in the hands of true professionals.

Pet Taxi Services Across UK

Embark on a delightful pet transportation journey with Exec Pets, where we are honoured to be entrusted with your beloved furry friend. We joyfully transport pets across the United Kingdom, from Porthcurno’s stunning coastline to the picturesque landscapes of Norwick in the Shetland Islands. With extensive familiarity with bustling London streets, picturesque Cotswolds, and breathtaking Scottish Highlands, our drivers have acquired profound expertise in navigating and conquering every facet of this multifaceted terrain. With our advanced tracking system, you can follow your pet's adventure and find comfort in knowing they are in good hands. We serve the entire nation with expertise with a welcoming ambience while prioritising professionalism.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Exercise & Nutrition en route

Pet & Owner Transport Services UK & Europe Defra Approved

Dedicated Drivers

Pawsitively Posh: Exclusive Pet Transport in London

Exec Pets is your unrivalled facilitator of animal transport in the heart of the United Kingdom. Anchored in the boisterous city of London, we extend a distinctive, specialised pet taxi service meticulously designed to accommodate your cherished dog or cat's transport requirements within the city's vibrant expanse and beyond, spanning the length and breadth of the UK.


Drivers at Exec Pets are not just adept at manoeuvring on the roads but are also fully authorised to operate within the European Union. We keep an open line of communication to ensure an uninterrupted and effortless pickup process. At Exec Pets, our devotion to your pet's welfare extends far beyond mere conveyance. We are well-acquainted with the nuances of customs procedures and collaborate closely with immigration officers, ensuring your pet's health documentation is processed and authorised without delay. 


Once you've navigated the arrival procedures, our vigilant driver stands ready to aid you with your luggage and your adorable pets. We've gone to great lengths to ensure the highest level of comfort for your pets, utilising specially fitted, climate-controlled vehicles for an enjoyable journey, regardless of London’s ever-changing weather patterns. As we manage parking, Eurotunnel arrangements, pet registration, and payment, your sole task is to unwind and savour the journey.


 We've spared no effort in ensuring supreme comfort for your pets, using custom-modified, climate-controlled vehicles for a pleasant journey, unaffected by London's ever-changing weather conditions.

Our Pet and Owner Taxi Transportation Services in London


IATA Pet Approved Crates

With IATA-approved crates and a steadfast commitment to your pet's safety and welfare, we ensure a stress-free transportation experience. From major airport pickups to drop-offs, our seamless and convenient dog transport service are designed to put your pet at ease.


Road Transport Services

Count on our team of licensed and insured professionals to safely transport your pets. From navigating border protocols to handling health certificates and pet identities, we've got it all. Our wealth of experience has taught us to foresee and sidestep any potential roadblocks with ease.


Pet and Owner Transport

With our ground transport service, you and your furry companions can journey with ease. Our team of experts takes the reins in managing your pet's needs. Our drivers are equipped with two years of advanced canine care and nutrition knowledge, ensuring your pets get top treatment.

What Sets Us Apart for Pet Transport Services in London?

At Exec Pets, your furry friends' safety during travel is our topmost priority. We understand that your pets deserve nothing but the best, which is why our luxury taxis come equipped with top-of-the-line features. Which includes climate control, air purification, and GPS tracking to ensure a comfortable journey. We make sure to take breaks during long trips.


Recently Delivered Pets

What Our Happy Clients Say

Repatriation after 16 years.
After 16 years living & working overseas, we recently repatriated from Hong Kong to Somerset, 
Wow, what can we say about Darren,  apart from running a great legitimate & fully licensed business, with all requisite knowledge of the trade & border formalities, Darren showed absolute care & consideration not only to his paying customers, but also our furry friends. Nothing short of SUPERB, 10/10.  It’s not easy moving 10,000km, but this leg of the journey, whilst long, was utterly seamless & ultimately stress-free.

Iain Brymer, HK


Great Service

"We live in Oman and from a rescue organisation we brought 2 dogs (rescues) and a cat back with us to the Netherlands. Darren and his wife met us at the arrival hall and drove them to their forever homes in the UK. The communication went smoothly and we all received updates on their well-being.  It was a pleasant experience for all! Can highly recommend the service.”

Maggie, NL


An absolute trooper

Sunderland to Plymouth

Great price, very competitive. Our cats arrived totally chilled, didn't seem bothered about the journey at all. Darren was also very understanding and easy to deal with.  It all went really smoothly and he didn't even need to take us up on the offer of a cup of tea when he arrived!  Also, I'm pretty certain that if anyone tried to nab the cats, it wouldn't have gone well for them! 

Rob, GB

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