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Cheap can be very Expensive

It is certainly worthwhile doing your homework when appointing a pet transporter. Why? The biggest majority of pet transporters are both legal, insured and hold the correct licences. Any pet transporter operating in the UK needs a DEFRA vehicle inspection and licence, in the EU the transporter needs angrier training certificate and also an EU licence.

Many choose to disregard this and ofter have one licence which does not cover the vehicle or just a UK certificate. Why should you care ? Well if in the unlikely event of an accident and transporters insurance would be null and void leaving you with the only option of personal litigation to recover medical expenses or losses. In addition if authorities happen to be carrying out inspections at the bordernitnis highly likely your pet would be impounded.

What to look out for. No1 is cheap prices, a legal transporter will have had to go the extra mile regarding being fully legal, in addition a 1 man and his dog operating in a car is likely to be operating illegally. Often legal companies are called non a regular basis after clients and pets get stuck at borders having been refused entry.

As and prospective operator to see their operating licences and ensure the licence is for the vehicle they will be using and the driver that will be driving. Some recent cases in the UK have led to arrests of bogus operators taking money and then not providing a service. Beware of Facebook scammers as they are abundant.

In summary, there are many legal operators out there so doing your homework is paramount, we often see certain Facebook groups recommending unlicensed operators and ignis difficult to highlight this as they have become trusted within the group. Doing so would be seen a sour grapes so it often is not spoken about.

Safe travels with your fur family and remember Cheap can be Expensive!


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