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Illegal transporters

legal transporters

It seems hard to believe but most pet transporters are operating illegally. Let's look at why ?

  1. The driver needs an EU competence certificate to operate in the EU. The majority do not have this licence, in fact they do not know it exists. This is a 1 day course that ensures your transporter understands the law regarding pets and also the correct husbandry.

  2. Not only does the driver needs to be licenced so does the vehicle, many use one licence for multiple vehicles which is illegal. Each vehicle needs its own operating licence authorised by an EU country. If stopped the driver can be fined around 6000 Euros and pets or goods can be seized.

  3. Any vehicles including taxis over 2.5 tons ( bigger than a hatchback also need a goods operators licence if working for hire and reward (ie you are paying them) The same applies the contents of the vehicle can be seized and the operators will recieve a massive fine.

80% or the UK operaters choose to ignore this and are running the gauntlet regarding the law. This especially applies to taxi firms making a quick buck from doing Paris to UK transfers. We advise you check as owning a pet can prove to be heartbreaking if the operator is not compliant.

We at execpets make sure not only operating above the law but give a first class service on top. If you are looking for cheapplease bear in mind the above. For the sake of £200 or whatever would you not want to know you have full security with your loved fur family.


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