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Pet Crate Training And Safe Transport: IATA Approved Crates

IATA Approved Crates

When it comes to travelling with our beloved furry friends, ensuring their safety and comfort is of utmost importance. Pet crate training and the use of IATA approved crates are essential aspects of pet care, especially for domestic animals during air travel. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of crate training, the importance of IATA approved crates, correct measurements, water container setup, and proper labelling to ensure a smooth & stress-free journey for our pets.

Pet Crate Training:

Crate training is a valuable tool for helping pets become accustomed to their travel crates. It offers a secure and familiar space, reducing anxiety during travel. Begin crate training gradually by introducing the crate as a positive and safe environment. Gradually increase crate time, and reward your pet for staying calm inside. This helps acclimate them to the crate before the actual journey.

IATA Approved Crates:

IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved crates are specially designed to meet specific safety standards for transporting animals by air. These crates are sturdier, well-ventilated, and have secure latches to prevent accidental escapes during transit. Always use IATA approved crates for air travel to ensure your pet's safety and comply with airline regulations.

Correct Measurements:

Measure your pet accurately to choose the right-sized crate. Your pet should have enough space to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. However, sometimes a crate that is too spacious might cause unnecessary movement during travel, potentially leading to injuries. Follow the airline's guidelines for crate size, as they may have specific requirements.

Water Container Setup:

Hydration is crucial during travel. Attach a spill-proof water container inside the crate, making sure it is accessible to your pet. Freeze the water in the container beforehand to prevent spillage and provide your pet with a continuous supply of water throughout the journey. However, confirm with the airline whether they allow water containers inside the crate.

Correct Labelling:

Proper labelling of the pet crate is essential for smooth handling during transportation. Affix a clear label displaying your name, contact information, and your pet's identification details on the crate. Additionally, include "Live Animal" and "This Side Up" labels to ensure the crate is handled with care.


Pet crate training and using IATA approved crates are fundamental aspects of responsible pet ownership, particularly during air travel. Ensuring our pets are comfortable and secure in their crates will help alleviate stress and anxiety during the journey. Always follow airline guidelines, use the correct crate size, provide adequate water, and label the crate properly to ensure a safe and pleasant trip for your furry friend. With these precautions in place, you can embark on an adventure together, knowing your pet's well-being is a top priority. Happy travels!


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