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Pet Transport Gibraltar to UK: Tips & Measures During Exodus

Tips & Measures During Exodus

During the dramatic Exodus from Gibraltar to the UK, families are facing difficulties in migrating with their beloved pets. This unusual movement is the result of a convergence of political, economic, and social causes. The current situation in Gibraltar is altering lives and instilling a strong feeling of responsibility and helplessness in pet owners. As pet companionship takes centre stage in people's lives, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of innocent pets throughout the Exodus becomes a top priority.

This blog includes all details about pet transport Gibraltar to UK.

Why are citizens of Gibraltar shifting to the UK recently?

Tensions between Spain, the UK, and Gibraltar have occasionally been caused by disagreements regarding Gibraltar's sovereignty; these tensions occasionally impact border controls and limitations. Conservatives in Spain, who are expected to win the next national election in 2023, are likely to be strict on border crossings. Owing to elections in Spain, people in Gibraltar are planning to move to the UK before the situation with the border gets severe and worse.

As families prepare to embark on a new chapter during the Exodus from Gibraltar to the UK, leaving their pets behind is unfathomable. As a result, relocating with pets is a natural choice, highlighting the bond shared with these valued family members.

Pet Transport Services: Paving the Way to Safety

The need for careful pet transportation during this migration cannot be overstated. Exploring travel constraints and protecting pets' safety are essential priorities. As pet owners prepare for travel, it becomes crucial for them to take care of pet health, vaccination needs, and locating pet-friendly transportation choices. Careful planning and research for a pet transport company is a must to reduce stress and guarantee a smooth transfer.

The specialised pet transport services offer expertise in managing the difficult logistics of pet migration, guaranteeing a pleasant voyage for both pets and owners. Pet owners can be at peace, knowing that their furry pets are in capable hands when experienced specialists are in charge. The expert service provider will make your journey from Gibraltar to the UK smooth and stress-free.

To get an estimate, please complete our free quote form detailing personal, travel, and pet details.

Understanding Pet Travel Rules and Restrictions for Gibraltar

It is critical to thoroughly understand the travel procedures and limits governing pet carriage before beginning pet transport from Gibraltar to the UK during the Exodus. These restrictions may differ based on the form of transportation, such as air travel or ferry crossings, as well as the needs of the destination country. Breed-specific rules, quarantine methods, and health certificates are also essential to consider:

Paperwork and Permits

Proper documentation is essential for pet travel during the migration from Gibraltar to the UK. Gather all of the crucial documentation and permissions for your Pet's move.

Pet Passport

Make Sure your Pet has an up-to-date passport that contains all the necessary information, including identification details, vaccination records, and microchip details

Health Certificate

Your Pet should have an Animal Health Certificate approved by the Veterinarian declaring the Pet fit for travel.

Vaccination Records

Your pet should be vaccinated before the trip, especially with the rabies injections.


Make sure your Pet is microchipped with the correct contact information at least 12 weeks before the journey. This will help locate your Pet in case your Pet goes missing.

Import/Export licences

Determine whether your Pet requires import or export permissions, and make sure you have them from both Gibraltar and the United Kingdom.

Travel Tips during Pet Transportation from Gibraltar to UK during Exodus

  • Pack enough food and water for your pet for the journey. To avoid messes, choose containers that won't spill.

  • If your pet needs any medicine, make sure you have a sufficient supply packed.

  • Keep your pet in a leash and harness during the journey for their and others’ safety.

  • To reassure and soothe your pet while travelling, pack familiar toys, blankets, or treats for them.

  • Do not sedate your Pet before travel as sedation can have negative effects, especially during flights.

Whether you have cats or dogs in Gibraltar, you can move to the UK comfortably, keeping the points mentioned above in mind.

What’s the Best Mode of Transportation from Gibraltar to the UK?

While planning to move from Gibraltar to the UK during the Exodus, it is important to take care of pet transport from Gibraltar to the UK. Make sure to assess and evaluate the travel options as per your convenience.

Planning pet transit from Gibraltar to the UK during the evacuation requires examining and weighing the various possibilities. Consider factors like the length of the trip, the size and type of your Pet, and your preferences. The standard modes of transportation are as follows:

Land Transportation

Depending on your location and circumstances, driving or taking a train with your Pet may be a handy and stress-free option. You can book a pet-friendly taxi service from your home in Gibraltar/UK to the airport. Make sure the cab service provider is pet-friendly, reputable and reliable.

Pet-Friendly Airlines

Flying may be a quick and practical choice, particularly over vast distances. Look for airlines that provide pet services and have pet-friendly rules that consider your Pet's requirements and comfort. While travelling by air, it is crucial to consider a few necessary factors :

  • Check the airline's or pet transport company's crates policies to ensure that your Pet's crate complies with the particular standards for size, material, and ventilation allowed in the aircraft.

  • Ask about the terms of pet travel, such as whether it will take place in the cabin or the cargo hold, and select the one that best satisfies your Pet's requirements.

  • Verify that the airline or service has educated and experienced personnel who respectfully handle pets and adhere to the correct procedures.


As the migration continues, the importance of careful pet transportation grows. Understanding the current situation and its impact on pet owners, humane actions are required to safeguard the safety and well-being of our devoted animal companions. Families may begin this new chapter by making informed choices and relying on experts for pet transport from Gibraltar to the UK.

You can make the trip from Gibraltar to the UK enjoyable and stress-free for your Pet by carefully weighing your transportation choices, selecting pet-friendly services, and emphasising your Pet's safety and comfort. Always prepare ahead of time and get expert advice if necessary to address any particular concerns regarding the health or well-being of your Pet while travelling. Look for companies that have handled pet transportation before, like Exec Pets, which has a team of experienced staff trained to handle all kinds of animals.

Pro Tip: Feel free to contact us if you are looking for pet friendly transport services in London, Chesterfield or Birmingham.


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