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Post-Brexit Pet Travel: EU Passport vs UK Health Certificate

EU Passport vs UK Health Certificate

Travelling with pets has become increasingly popular, and understanding the documentation required for your furry companions is crucial. Two key documents come into play - the EU Pet Passport and the UK Animal Health Certificate. These documents underwent significant changes after Brexit, affecting how pet owners can travel with their animals between the UK and the EU. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key differences, benefits, limitations, and validity periods of each document, shedding light on the post-Brexit regulations.

EU Pet Passport

The EU Pet Passport was a convenient document that allowed pet owners to travel freely within the European Union. It served as proof that your pet met the necessary health requirements, including up-to-date vaccinations against rabies and other diseases. One of the standout benefits of the EU Pet Passport was its indefinite validity, as long as vaccinations remained current. This meant once you obtained the passport, it could serve your pet's travel needs for life.

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UK Animal Health Certificate

Post-Brexit, the UK Animal Health Certificate became the go-to document for travelling with pets between the UK and the EU. This certificate replaced the EU Pet Passport for most scenarios. Unlike the EU Pet Passport, the Animal Health Certificate has a validity period of just five months from the date of issue. This means you must ensure your pet's travels occur within this timeframe, making it essential to plan ahead.

Benefits of the UK Animal Health Certificate

Recognized by the EU

The UK Animal Health Certificate is accepted by EU member states, allowing pet owners to continue travelling with their animals.

Clarity and Consistency

With standardised guidelines, the certificate ensures a consistent approach to pet travel health requirements.

Limitations of the UK Animal Health Certificate

Limited Validity

Unlike the EU Pet Passport, the Animal Health Certificate's five-month validity demands timely planning for each trip.

Renewal Requirements

Frequent travellers may need to acquire new certificates more frequently, in contrast to the lifelong validity of the EU Pet Passport.

Post-Brexit Changes and Implications

After Brexit, UK residents and pets were no longer eligible for new EU Pet Passports. Additionally, it's important to note that obtaining an EU Pet Passport in the UK or outside the EU is no longer an option. Instead, the UK Animal Health Certificate became the primary document for pet travel between the UK and the EU. These changes reflect the broader shifts in regulations resulting from Brexit.


In the realm of pet travel, the transition from the EU Pet Passport to the UK Animal Health Certificate underscores the impact of Brexit on various aspects of daily life. While the convenience of indefinite validity has been replaced with a five-month window, the importance of adhering to regulations and planning ahead cannot be overstated. Pet owners must navigate these changes to ensure seamless and enjoyable travels with their beloved companions.


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