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Downsides of Sending Pets via Shared Pet Transport Services

Sending your pet away from you is inherently a risky proposition. The thought of leaving them behind or entrusting them to someone else can be terrifying. However, there are instances where we have no other option but to take our pets along with us. This prompts a crucial question: how do we choose the right pet transportation services for them? Is it better to opt for exclusive services, or would a shared pet transport suffice? Explore the insights of our pet experts to determine the most convenient option.

Shared pet transport services are frequently perceived as a more economical alternative than transporting pets separately. The reason you seldom hear about sending your four-legged friends in cargo or other shared transport modes is not without cause. The following are the drawbacks of sending your pet alongside other furry companions.

Difficulty in Adjusting 

Certain animals, particularly cats, often struggle with the adjustment, as they tend to resist changes in their familiar surroundings. Moreover, being confined for extended periods can pose challenges for pets accustomed to freely roaming. The stress is not exclusive to cats; some dogs also find the transition to a new environment unsettling, particularly when exposed to the unfamiliar barking of other dogs. 

Potential Trauma

Shared pet transport services employ a diverse range of individuals, not all of whom may be passionate about animals. Dogs, being naturally apprehensive in new situations, require time to establish trust with caregivers and unfamiliar faces. When separated from their owners, dogs find themselves in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by fellow canines, expressing fear through barking and whining. While cats are known for surviving quite well without their owners, this is not the case for all - some react to enclosed spaces by loud meowing.

Exposure to Illnesses

Even if your dog is in good health, shared pet transports expose them to potential illnesses from other dogs. These can serve as breeding grounds for contagious diseases such as kennel cough, canine distemper, rabies, parvovirus, and canine influenza. These diseases spread through direct contact, shared spaces, and contaminated items. For cats, sharing their space itself makes them aggressive and leads to flight responses from them. Some cats are prone to motion sickness and as a result cry or drool while travelling.

Limited Liability

Shared pet transport services may have limited liability when it comes to the safety and well-being of your pet. This means that if something happens to your pet during transport, you may not be fully compensated for any damages or losses. It's essential to carefully review the terms and conditions to understand the extent of the liability coverage provided by the service.

Why Choose Exclusive Transportation for Pets?

Admit it – whether you're moving or planning a vacation, travelling can be overwhelming. There's so much to organise, pack, and consider. In such situations, enlisting the services of a pet transport can be a tremendous help, taking on the responsibility of safely and comfortably transporting your pet.

Pet transport services for road travel excel in providing personalised care and attention to your pets. They recognize the individual needs of each pet and customise their approach to cater to specific requirements.

1. No Shared Pet Transports

In contrast to other transporters that opt for bulk transportation in sizable vans, a personalised pet transport service sets itself apart by steering clear of large group transports. A service dedicated to private transport ensures that each pet receives personalised attention and care throughout the journey.

The notable distinction lies in the fact that drivers take the time to acquaint themselves with their furry passengers, forming a bond to alleviate any stress your pet might experience during the journey.

2. Peace of Mind

What concerns you the most about pet travel? It's likely the idea that your beloved dog or cat will be out of sight – and beyond your control – for an extended period. A pet transport company has got you covered. If you have questions, there's someone you can communicate with who is familiar with your pet and their travel plans. While your pets are in transit, you have someone who can intervene in case of unforeseen weather delays or other issues. A pet transport company can also handle boarding for your pet in case of a delay, allowing you to catch your flight without worry.

3. Significant Time Savings

Beyond the hassle, it's undeniably time-consuming to gather all the necessary information. Additionally, there's the time invested in follow-up activities, such as visiting the vet (possibly multiple times for various tests and immunisations) and compiling all the required health-related paperwork for your pet. In certain instances, you may need to initiate this process months before your pet's scheduled departure. Shouldn't you be focusing on finalising your move? Or perhaps packing? A pet transport company will free up your time so you can allocate it to other priorities.

4. No Choice at Times

Some airlines like Aegean airlines, Aer Lingus, Flybe, and more mandate for pets to be transported by a professional pet transportation company, leaving you with no option but to handle the arrangements independently by hiring a pet transport agent. The requirement for professional pet shippers stems from the understanding that the process of importing and exporting animals is intricate and must be executed correctly.

The paramount concern is your pet's comfort and safety. Having entrusted the crucial details of their travel to a professional instils significant confidence. Ultimately, using a pet transport company can provide you with peace of mind.


We believe we have cleared the air regarding shared pet transport services. In any scenario this should be the last option to resort to. However, if you are looking for a pet transportation service that gives personalised attention to your furry friends, then Exec Pets is here for you! We offer a dedicated pet transport service to ensure optimal care for your pet during transit. Our services extend beyond routine appointments to cover emergencies as well. With just one contact number, you can ensure your pet reaches their destination, and we guarantee ours is all you need. For more details, Contact us today.


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