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Pet Transport Spain to UK: Enjoy Your Journey in a Pet Van!

Pet transport spain to uk

When it comes to travelling with your beloved pet from Spain to the United Kingdom, you'll realise that pets are generally not permitted to travel in the cabin of planes. This limitation raises a critical question: what alternatives are available to pet owners who prefer not to have their furry companions fly as cargo in the aircraft's hold? According to EuroWeekly News, Spain has more than 28 million pets in households. This fact highlights the significance of finding a safe and hassle-free alternative pet travel solution for pet transport services Spain. In this blog, we'll explore a comfortable and pet-friendly option for pet transport Spain to UK.

What is the Best Mode of Pet Transport Spain to UK?

When it comes to traveling with your pet from Spain to the UK, road travel offers several advantages compared to other modes of transport. Travelling by road allows you to choose the best times and routes for your journey to avoid extreme heat or cold. Moreover, it lets you keep your pet close and secure in a crate, carrier, or harness. In case of an emergency, you can have quick access to your pet, ensuring their safety. This level of control and proximity is not possible in any other mode of transportation.

Unlike air travel, traveling by road keeps your furry companions less anxious and provides a calmer experience for them. This makes using a pet van for your journey from Spain to the UK or pet transport UK to Spain the easiest and safest way to travel with your furry buddy. Here are some more reasons why a pet van might be the best choice for this journey:

No Cargo Holds

When flying with pets, they are often placed in cargo holds, which can be a stressful experience for them. Road travel in a pet van eliminates this concern, as your pet can stay with you inside the vehicle.

Control Over the Environment

When you travel by road, you have more control over the travel environment for your pet. You can ensure that your pet is in a familiar and comfortable space, reducing stress and anxiety from Spain to the UK or during pet transport UK to Spain.

Comfort of Your Pet

Your pet can stay with you in the vehicle, which allows you to monitor their well-being and attend to their needs throughout the journey. You can bring your furry buddy's favourite toys, blankets, and food to make them feel at ease.


Road trips provide flexibility in terms of stops, rest breaks, and accommodations. You can plan the journey to accommodate your pet's needs and schedule.

Onboard Facilities

The pet vans are equipped with first aid materials to address any unforeseen health issues. Notably, these vehicles also have a climate control system that effectively maintains a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.

Essentials to Carry for Your Pet Transport Spain to UK

These are a few of the most important things you should pack for your pet to provide a more comfortable travel when you choose pet transport services Spain to UK. Whether you are travelling from Spain to the UK or it is a pet transport UK to Spain, you must carry these essentials when you travel in a pet van:

  • A muzzle, especially for dogs

  • Do pack absorbent bedding for your pet.

  • Tissues and diaper sacks

  • Several of their favourite toys for comfort

  • A spill-proof container

What Should You Know Before Moving from Spain to the UK with Your Pets?

Number of Dogs Allowed

You are only allowed to bring five pets into the United Kingdom at a time. This rule can only be broken when you are practising for or participating in a competition, show, or athletic event. In these situations, you must travel with written confirmation of your event registration. All additional pets you bring must meet the standard travel criteria, be above six months old, and be attending the event.

Dog Breeds Prohibited in the UK

Sadly, the UK forbids the entry of numerous canine breeds. The aim is to encourage responsible pet ownership and public safety. Four dog breeds in particular are prohibited in the UK:

  • Pit Bull Terrier

  • Dogo Argentino

  • Fila Brasileiro

  • Japanese Tosa

Animal Health Certificate

An animal health certificate is required for pets entering the UK. The health certificate needs to be certified by a government veterinarian. Within five days of your dog's arrival, you must complete the health certificate if you are bringing them into the UK. On the other hand, for cats, the health certificate should be completed within ten days of your cat's arrival.

Quarantine Requirements

In the UK, quarantine regulations and standards have changed. Pets, particularly dogs and cats, used to be quarantined for six months in kennels. However, according to the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), quarantine is not necessary as long as you follow its guidelines. The precautions you must take to prevent quarantine for your pet include microchipping, rabies vaccinations, and tapeworm treatments.

Tapeworm Treatment

Your dog has to receive a tapeworm treatment right before your pet travel Spain to UK. This must be completed at least 24 hours and no later than 120 hours (5 days) before visiting the UK. Each time your pet enters the UK, a licensed veterinarian must provide this treatment. Your dog may be denied admission and put into a four-month quarantine if it does not receive the tapeworm treatment within the required time frame.

Microchipping Your Dog

According to GOV.UK, your furry friend must be microchipped before or at the time of rabies vaccination, and the microchip must adhere to ISO (International Standards Organisation) requirements 11784/11785. Also, the scanner might be unable to read the microchip if it does not meet ISO Standards. It also implies that if your pet gets lost while travelling abroad, the animal shelter or vet who finds it might not have access to the database to make arrangements for your pet’s return to its owner.

Rabies Vaccination

After your furry buddy gets microchipped, it is important to visit the veterinarian before pet transport UK for a thorough check-up of your pet. Discuss the travel plans with the doctor and get your cherished friends vaccinated against rabies. Even in cases where the pet has previously received rabies vaccinations, there is still no exemption from this rule. This is a mandatory step after microchipping.


When it comes to pet transport Spain to UK, choosing a pet van is an excellent option to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for both you and your furry companion. The convenience, comfort, and peace of mind that a dedicated pet transport service can provide are unmatched. It's not easy to bring pets to the UK, so we strongly suggest hiring a professional pet travel service to help you with the entire process. We at Exec Pets specialise in handling logistics, compliance with regulations, and documentation. Moreover, our experienced drivers and in-vehicle facilities are bound to make your journey memorable. Get a quote today!



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